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yaaay ! OliBear is back ! you can't imagine how happy that makes me ! and probably the rest of your readers too !
and THANK GOD for that feeling you experienced . you deserved it.
it's sooo godd to have you back i don't really know what to say.
hugs & kisses !


stay happy :)


Life is not measured in how many breaths we take, but in how many times it takes our breath away.

Glad that you are happy, finding that place again is like sitting with a childhood friend. It makes everything better.



I'm so happy to see you post. I was also happy that you see a glimmer of happiness, that's how healing begins.


It's so good to see you're back, or at least for a while.

Kenny T

Or if you could just remember those moments!


Yea, Welcome back.

I will admit that I miss how warm the Atlantic is this time of year. Here in the PNW you can't exactly stay in the water too long, if you go in at all.


I can't wait to get to PT!!! 3 weeks... YAY! If a stranger says "hi" to ya and his name is Randy, don't freak out! He doesn't bite.... well he might, but in a good way! :)


So that was you in Provincetown in that cool little store. I wanted to ask but my chicken ass didn't. Thanks for directions to the nearest ATM. :)

Great post, by the way. Reading things like this make me feel the way I hope I really am. I can't explain it, but it is a good thing. Thanks.

Howard Steeves

hey mate. it brings a smile to think of you in ptown skinnydipping in one of the alltime best places in the world. will be doing the same in august and so look forward to that felling.....xo


Really good to hear from your salty self. Missing your blog, but glad you are enjoying your break. Keep Happy.


I'm glad you had a happy moment. Stay happy.


Aren't you worried about your apartment not getting sold?


Hope this means you are blogging again. Great post--only pics would have made it better. ;-)

Mike @ MAO

Hey you MAP ShopGirl! Why'd you leave so early..?? Friday night's Fireman ball was a hoot!

Damn, missed seeing you skinny dip! For that, I'd skipped that 3rd slice at Spiritus!

Anyway.. great to see you smiling!


I miss that so much...

I have swam at that breakwater during many a warm summer night.

Your right, amazing therapy.

I might have to head up there this week.

Glad to see you back posting.


A good trip to the beach can do wonders for the spirit. Usually for me it's in Rehoboth Beach DE/Ocean City, MD for me; though I do ought to check out P-Town sometime in the future.

Anyway it's good to hear from you again.

Mike S


It was great to see you in P-town last week. I have a better appreciation for why you fell in love with the place after this visit. Would definitely like to go for a swim with you and Truman on my next visit...maybe late August if you'll still be around ??? If not...see you back in NYC soon xoxo

Tony R

Ollie - Great to see you back on here. I'm headin back up to Ptown tonight. I'm in need of a long weekend and I'm gonna hang out with Mark. I'll be sure to stop into Map and give you a hug.

PS - I didn't find any Rogues T's that fit me last time. Grrrrr...


ah yes... so warm at 68 degrees! :)


Good to have you back. Take some time for yourself, and skinny dipping in P'town is as good as it needs be. Enjoy!


You're at home there because at heart you are a Birkenstock wearing, braided underarm hair sporting "stinky" lesbian and in P-Town you are amongst girls just like you.



Happy moments rock! Glad to hear from you.


Great site. I don't know how I stumbled across it, but it's been very interesting to read.'re very hot =)

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