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amusing....but it really does lose its charm, no? i can completely appreciate such an act. your photo blogs were great....coachella was not.


Por que????


I'm sorry to see you take a break.

Your blog was always a good "pass- by" read. Reminded me that even short, balding gay Jewish men can have an over inflated sense of self given the right circumstances.

I'll miss your self-important rants. :>(

Kenny T

Uggh, now where am I going to leave my self-important and self-witty comments? Fucker!


Say it ain't so handsome?

:( Crumbs.

D.of Downunder


Thank you so much for what you have offered us here. This has been one of the best blog sites and I will truly miss it. Hope to see a second comming some time soon.

Anyways, Hope you get Down under to the land of Oz, maybe for Splendor in the Grass festival in Byron to see Scissor Sisters.

Enjoy your time out.



Aw! Hope youre doing ok mate.
Cant you just leave us with your BMB profile nic? Pretty please hottie?
Thanks for entertaining/titilating me. You'll be missed!
licks from downunder


but how will we know who went to SNAXX on Friday night??


Ollie... you can't go... what will i do without a hot guy like you to look at?... i have already bowed... don't make me beg...

please don't go..

whatever you do please don't make me break out into the old KC and the sunshine song...

my vocals aren't as good as they once were...


PEACE be with you



Crikey, I missed checking in with you for a week and it's all over. Thanks so much for your thoughts and musings over the past year. I've really enjoyed reading the blog, and even made it to Snaxx on your recommendation when I was across the pond last September. I had a great evening.

Good luck with the gallery, the dogs, your mother, etc!

Email me if you decide to come back to the blogsphere.

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