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Mark is sooo funkin HOT!!!!!!


dizzle is yummy. and you and chris are cute, too


Faces only a mother (and other bears) could love. Cheers.


DAMN!!! Lookin' good Oliver!


Thanks, as always, for the eye candy... Good stuff.


Come on then, let's have some video performance of them in action!


Have you lost weight?


Repeat after me: "Dizzle and ME on the bus"

For christsakes, were you educated in a cave, bear boy?


dat Mark be gorge!

Mike S

I'm gonna have to jump on that Mark T bandwagon too. He's a handsome feller.


Damn! I'd love to be in the meat in the middle of a you and Dizzle sandwich. We could rub fur all night and into the next day and for at least a week.


Brod don't bother. I've been trying for years. They didn't teach him shit at that faggy college he went to and his Moms raised him by reading Dr. Benjamin Spock so she never smacked him for speaking or writing like an illiterate.


Scott, I can only look past it because he's so cute...I bet especially when he's face down in a pillow! :-)

honey child

'Repeat after me: "Dizzle and ME on the bus"

For christsakes, were you educated in a cave, bear boy?'

No, "Dizzle and I" is grammatically correct - remember "The King and I"?


honey child, get yourself a Warriner's Intro to Grammar and read that motherfucker from cover to cover girl! Here's a little helpful hint; when in doubt about when to use I or me in a sentence that includes another person such as the one Oliver used, "Dizzle and I on the bus", just drop the other person from the sentence and the sentence will tell you what you need to know "____ ME on the bus." Good luck in first grade English class.

Honey Child

Scott dearie I was talking about the proper *British* usage of "I" vs "me".

"Knock knock, who's there?"

"It's I, dahling!"

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