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Your Daft Punk appreciation & video has finally stopped me from TUIMM every time you blog. Until next time...



sounds dirty..


Guess you needed to be there to fully appreciate it.

shane p

Daft Punk. Wow. Makes me wish I'd been there to see it too! Looks like it was a total blast. .. and with all those hot bears too. Damn!

shane p

daft punk. wow! makes me wish i had been there. and with all those sexy bears too... Damn!

Titsley LeMieux

Daft Punk looks like they put on a great light show. Almost as good as the Dark Side of the Moon laser show at the planetarium. Just with worse music.


I missed Daft Punk, saw Madonna. All i heard about was Daft punk.. thanks for the video, amazing. and all the hot pics of you and Bdiz. &hearts &hearts

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