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thank you for the photos of shirtless, hairy men... you made my day! :)

Hip Hip Hooray

That looks like a ton (literally) of fun Oliver. Hope you had a fun trip. It sounds like a legendary weekend for the ages :o)

Bourgeois Nerd

Okay, it's driving me crazy because I'm seeing it everywhere, but what is Coachella? I mean, is it an actual place or just the name of a concert/festival or both or what?

Kenny T



How Do iget to have hottie friends like that?

Titsley LeMieux



Did you guys watch the Tool show? Just curious how their new stage presence might be (I think they played when Scissor Sisters played.) I heard Daft Punk was amazing (from numerous sources.) And did you happen to watch the Go! Team? I'm so going to Coachella next year. I've missed both that and Bonaroo this year. Radiohead...Bonaroo...{kicks self in the ass repeatedly}

k hendrickson

uh, was there and didn't see ANY of these guys...but i totally saw u at scissor sisters... (creepy stalker, ewww)! friggin beer/bear festival, sigh.

*oh my*

That blonde hair boy - *thump* - HOT! ...And this is coming from a 32 y/o 5'9, 175 muscled hottie who works out 5-6 times a week. I would take that kind of man any day....sleeping with that man wrapped around me...heaven.


OMG!!! Don't feed the bears!!!

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