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the professor

like so many others, i want to add my condolences. my family has raised rottis and watched them pass away and it's always been a terrible time. just know that we're thinking of you and that boo is in rotti-heaven with our pooches, scaring the shit out of mailmen and small children for all of eternity.
*big hug*


Very sorry to hear about Boo. Our thoughts are with you.


So sad to hear.


My sincere condolence to you. Hope you are handling it better this week.


Oliver, I'm so sorry to hear about Boo. You obviously had tremendous love for him, and I guess all of us did too by living with him vicariously through your posts. Be sure to give Truman lots of extra'll be good for both of you.



Michael in YVR

Oliver, thank you so much for reviving Thoughtnot long enough to let us know about Boo -- such very sad and shocking news. As other posters have said so eloquently, much-loved pets stay with us always, in spirit. Take good care of yourself and know that your Boo stories and hilarious videos brought joy to many people.


come back to blogland!! I miss you

Doug M>

Damn, Oliver. I was so sad to read this. Hope you're doing ok. Sorry. Doug McClemont


I know neither you or Boo, but I am sorry.

David Christian Hamblin

Oh baby- that doggie needs some F.A.G Pet Shampoo!



Sorry to hear that.


oh my




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