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So what's up with you and dizzle? hmmmm...?


I'm sorry Oliver but I've tried my best to keep my own counsel here and avoid commenting upon your little bus tour so you could have your fun and all without outside influence but seriously, don't you think you're a tad long in the tooth to be featuring yourself as a groupie for the Sisters? I mean I think the idea is to be YOUNGER than the band that you're servicing NOT older. Maybe next time you can join the tour with the Stones. They're alot closer to your chronological prey base and at least with them you won't get embarrassed if you're caught swigging your Geritol or changing your Depends in front of them after the concert.

Toodles and Big kisses from your loving ex.


Scott, don't underestimate the value of this experience: there's a great book in this: Confessions of a 50 Year Old Groupie.


Scott's not dead! Now reading this blog makes sense again.

Kenny T

Long in the tooth and long in the wind....

Your Loving Friend!!!

steve austin

"Dizzle and I went to the bar" is correct.

"Dizzle and me in a picture" is also, but "Dizzle and I in a picture" is not. So how do you know which pronoun to use?

Take the other guy *out* of the sentence and see how it sounds. I.e., "...I went to the bar" sounds right, "...I in the picture" does not.

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