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"Scissor Sisters at Bowery Ballroom. Great fucking show again."

Wow, it really feels like there's no better way to put it. "Great fucking show" now that's infectious review comment! Fur'real!

Mr. Secret

We were RIGHT in front of Dizzle, and hot damn... I wasn't a bear guy before, but I am now!

Kenny T

Why weren't you at Hiro with us afterward on Sunday night?


FYI-- I know Jake, and he confirmed to me that Baby Daddy did not change his name. Jake is aware of the reports that some people on the net have falsely made, and he insists that they are not true. Baby Daddy did not change his name.


We saw the Scissor Sisters last night at the Shoreline. They were so much fun! We loved them! Can't wait for the new CD.

Wish I was going to Coachella. Heavy sigh.)

P.S. I think Ana introduced "Baby Daddy." I didn't hear "Dizzle."

Joe bruno

The Guy with Cher at the concert looks like Richard Stark, the guys who creates and ownes Chrome Hearts.

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