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It was totally too crowded. Why is it that the parties that attact the biggest guys are in the smallest bars? (Dugout, Snaxx, Big Lug) Oh well, at least you get to rub up against a few hotties.


I wasn't mad, Rich was.
I like when people stay and have a good time.
I've been trying to get the upstairs to ourselfs for a while but the owners don't want it. I even tried that night to get the music from downstairs to play upstairs but the str8 bartender refused. I'm glad that you like the music that was playing but it wasn't the jukebox. Later Corey and I put some money in it and the Asian girl bartender had to switch from what was playing to the jukebox.
Anyway.... it's alwyas good to see you. Big hug.


I wasn't mad, Rich was, because he was playing for an empty room. Everybody was upstairs.
Anyway it's always good to see you.
Big hug.


I learned on St. Patty's day that the good people at the west side tavern don't like it when you go upstairs to the bathroom without a shirt on. The bartender chased me into the bathroom to tell me. Who knew?


Yay! I'm so happy to hear the arts are alive and being taught to children.

Brilliant touch and kudos to whomever thought that Edvard Munch and Tracy Emin (a newfound favorite of mine from a recent trip to the Tate) would be excellent coloring book companions!

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