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Hey my fellow UFC fanatic, check out my post on Ed Herman ;)


rear naked choke. HOT!


Love this show. I'll miss Ross too, but I must say he looked tiny when he stood next to Kendall


The way you spit out the nomenclature of MMA a casual observer wouldn't realize that you are a little pansy mamas boy whose closest call with physical violence was when you had to (think about)telling off that birkenstock wearing dyke that cut in front of you in the sign up line for Comparative Lit class during registration week at Sarah Lawrence your freshman year.


Howard Steeves

scott is v funny


Scott is relentless, and I love it. One of those things you can rely on.


I completely agree with you... golf?? WTF?? Shamrock is an awesome fighter but lately he seems to not even care much... I'm rooting for Tito, at least he is determined to win this but teach something at the same time...

Ross was pretty cool, a good fighter in some aspects, but I expected Kendall to win simply for the fact that Ross was so cocky.... he was bound to lose... and Kendall is all leg anyway.


Dude, i'm afraid that accent was about as far from cockney as you can get-Ross was a complete scouser (Liverpool)! Sorry to see him go too, he was a lot of fun but you're quite right; if you haven't got the grappling skills you're always going nowhere in MMA these days...

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