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Honey, it's "Zeppelin". We love your eclectic taste in music up here in heaven, even though it is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens.


and sweet baby jesus (who your people KILLED today, by the way!), it's SHERYL Crow

p.s. anyone that likes kid rock should be stoned. with the rocks, not doobies.

Tony Rizzuto

Ollie - I love you but that Kansas song IS THE WORST SONG OF ALL TIME. Perhaps I feel that way because we used it in a Subaru spot recently. That info alone should strike it from your list FOREVER!


Always looking forward to your music selection of the week.
Bjork is sounding really good right now.
Keep up with the good work!

Rikki Lee

great choices. made working OT at the Infernal almost bearable


while i won't dare complain about a free music friday i will note that i LOVED free music TUESDAYS. and keep the kansas coming - maybe dreamweaver next post. happy to send it to you if you don't already have it.


Oliver is a true rock'n'roll rebel. No Tony Moran remixes for her.


Have you heard Bjork's soundtrack for Barney's "Drawing Restraint 9" yet? Seriously weird.

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