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oh, i love her too! she's so cute!! =)


I can't stop giggling


Sorry, no, but it's going to be Katherine McPhee. Altho Mandisa and Ayla both have a lot of promises as well! As does that little 16yr old girl. But I don't know about Paris...


No way man, its gonna be the gray haired guy. (even if I have to be the one to get him his million votes!)


OK, fucker - I'm insanely jealous. Would love to be watching AmIdol this year. Got to say, I like her profile. I really believe that she will indeed thank God if she wins. Funny that Usher, though, is one of her faves. "I'd like to thank God and all my bitches out there!" Word.


I so agree. I'm a little shocked she is even on AI. This girl is a star and T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D above all the others. She should be handed a contract right there and now.


Jason -

My bf's with you....he's WAY into Taylor Hicks and this was the first time he's ever called in to vote for a contestant. I resisted, no matter how much Ace had me getting all melty! (swoon!)

Loving some of the guy singers this season. Elliot's pretty damn amazing!


I absolutely love Paris! SO far she has ALL of the elements to become a successful singer. When she sang I could not help smiling & moving with her. She looks so fun! If you've been watching AI since day one all that proves is that you NEVER know.

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