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hey, i've never had a damned thing against you as i really don't know you that well, oliver. however, i would say this, if i took your blog at face value and assumed it really did reflect your personality, i would get the impression you were quite conceited. but i know blogs are mostly exaggerated looks at the authors (not that you much care what i think anyway).


Earth to the people of Manhattan - the rest of us know not and care not of the Snaxx of which you speak. What we do care about is your ability to write insightful or entertaining things.

Think on that for a minisecond


I'm surprised you never had me barred from Snaxx. Remember the Escape-Pod-Malfunction debacle?

To repsond the previous comment... Manhattan to the people of Earth; write your own damn blog about your own damn social activities and watering holes of which we care not or know about. Just kidding really, but I couldn't resist. See you on the outside.

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