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I couldn't agree more. I like bears.
Smooth bubble butt stud is very nice too; dolphins are very cute, ya know.


Dear Mom-Dad:
My pillows are all flat and my inner chils is craving some whole-body tacility. Will you come over and be a "comfy cushion"?


I love Camille.

Tony R

I agree there are guys out there who are truly into bears. But let's all be honest - the current media obsession with "bears" isn't about true bears at all. It's a far more muscular, leaner version topped off with body hair and a goatee.


Camilla needs to stop drinking. "Bears" are just an excuse for gay men to get fat and lazy. Sorry Ollie, but you're too buff (and cute) to be a bear!


yeah - fat was the new black like this time last year. but after a few throw-some-flour-on-em-and-find-the-wet-spot tricks, i'd much prefer an 'otter.' oh, and 'pocket protectors.' i like tall guys. oh - and everbody hates Manatees! seriously, the new vocab i learned from that wiki entry kills me.


Camille rules! I defy anyone to challenge her vast knowledge of world history and the origins of today's socio-cultural milieu and all its wonderful (and very often not-so-wonderful) weirdness.

Fact: Bears are fucking SEXY, and brilliant lesbian geniuses like Camille should be worshipped.

Finally, Bears are absolutely NOT an "excuse" for gay men to get fat and lazy. That ridiculous statement is based on the false assumption that a less-than-perfect non-David-Barton-gym-on-23rd-St gay man is somehow deficient (aka "fat and lazy".) What is more sexy than a man who's comfortable in his own skin and (if applicable) fur? Nothing!

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