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Looks like a very good time was had by all!


hi ollie


Looks like fun! :)

Linda Evangelista

I see clones come in all shapes and sizes

Christy Turlington



Is this in NYC or Wyoming?


hank is HOT

Kenny T

Why are you putting your arm around him?

Tony R

these images how just how ugly (physically - ollie brightens up the place a bit) a bar the eagle really is. keep the lights off.


Grrr. Damn could I have fun keeping warm in NYC, judging by these pics. But my meaty black ass is stuck down here in Western Pa! Argh.

Mike S

Looks like a good time. I miss NYC. Who's that Guy in the red shirt?


It's sad that I can name most of the people in that picutre and the guy in the redshirt is know the GUY that fucked you....your ex...your friends....Remember?

Mike S

Now I remember that Guy...the one with really good taste in men. Thanks for the reminder. Have a Mary Christmas :)


Ooh, look! It's Santa's elves, still fat and bearded, but before they all turned gray.


more tools than home depot

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