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that boston terrier has got the be the cutest pup i've seen in weeks. you are second. thanks for the cool blog to read....


That was awesome... I couldn't help but think it seemed exactly like some sort of reality show... (newlyweds almost?)

So worth it.


oh god, he owns a vid-cam now? take it away!


Actually, and being totally honest, it make Rocco look like a guy who plants the seeds for confrontation (which leads to some hilarious moments) and you and Corey unfortunately look like the "straight men" who just don't seem to get it but yet get so angered in an instant...

Shortest Fuse- Oliver
Shorter Fuse- Corey

(I'm sure in the big picture it might be different, but I am just going by the small snippet of film...)


You know, after watching this again. I've come to two conclusions.

First Oliver, YOU ARE HOT!

Second, I am shocked that Rocco had nothing to say - not a single retort. Very funny indeed.


Mr. Kamm, you look bloody masculine but I was dissapointed to hear your voice. It's so effeminate.

and PopMuse sings... "three's company too!"


Sums it up! 1+1+1=0

The pup scores a 100 for being so adorable. Did he pee on Sloppo?


why do all you idiots expect gay men to sound like straight men or to conform to some expected mold of what a man should be?

gay men who always seem to notice the "non-masculine" attributes or behavior in other gay men usually have some kind of issues themselves with being gay.

oliver (including his voice) is HOT!


Boo "Bradley" for Prez!


masculine or "non masculine", it really was not all that funny, guys.


I thought it was a fucking scream...The best line was "shut up, you have a big fucking forehead". What the story with that sweatshirt Oliver?


Hi Guys,

Lol...thanks for sharing that wee insight into your all looked great guys, love that shaved military style haircut by the way.

I'm with Robocub...Oliver you are totally gorgeous...and sounded great, I don't understand this crap re judging others by how they sound etc etc etc..tranism has his own issues.


so the first 98 percent of the film was normal everyday banter. the point was to watch the whole thing for the 'i don't have a comeback' comment at the end. priceless. you go rocco.

oh, and you all sound fine to me.


Not related to this post but... Whatever happened to the super hot boyfriend who did the Laughing in the Face of God blog site ?


Oliver you do sound gay. Big fucking deal. Maybe that's because you are. You also look hot. Maybe that's because you are. I sound pretty gay, too. Maybe that's because I'm both pretty and gay.


UM excuse me, I never said Oliver was gorgeous. Look again, that was "Joey".
The poster is below the comment, not above.

...but I wouldn't push him outta bed if I suddenly woke up with him next to me.

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