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hmmm ... cute dog. booger sounds to much like boo, though. someone would inevitably shorten booger to boo and then they'd both come to the one name.

not terribly good at names but you could use something like 'bear' as it would fit the dog and somewhat your lifestyle as well.


Do yourself and Booger a favor and take his sibling as well. You'll look really hot with three Rotties, think Enrico Cinzano with his two Rotties and thats how you'd look with 3 (well, maybe not so much hot, but hotter than you do now at least) and since I gave Boo to you you should listen to me for once.

Although two pups would seem to be a real handfull, once you got them housebroken and settled in they will be good for each other and Boo can supervise all of you. Plus, you have "staff" so you pretty much don't do anything anyway right?


I think he should take both too...
Booger and Goober


name him lego


Id call him Oob. And the one on the right is cuter and looks like he would benefit more from having Boo around to protect him.

Tony R

Hmmm...I predict a naming contest will appear shortly.


how's about Bunny.


Well since I owe you a 1000$ and probably going to end up repaying you by walking the dog, you should name him when people ask me whats his name I can be like " His names Alchie and he does what he wants bitch."


Don't name him Booger. Like Myke said, it'll just lead to confusion. How about something like "Duke." He looks like a Duke to me.


Why don't you just name him Ger?


How did you come up with Boo? I agree with Myke it sounds to much like Boo.

My suggestion is Bear. Woof Woof!

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