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I think it's time for Boo to be trained in the art of Ninjafu

Juan Penalosa

OH NO!!! My Baby. I agree with Corey. I need to teach him my moves b/c I am a Buddha Palm Master.


i think it may be ear karma.


Woof woof woof.
Coco. Whoof.

Dog Police

so Rocco's been jumping on Boo again?? Corey should get a noozle for his rottie and should know that they don't mix with pugs - time to decide which one to keep as one has gotta go!


Maybe if you took a little more time with that dog I gave you and depended upon clearly overpaid minions a bit less Boo wouldn't have these problems. He NEVER had difficulties like that when I would take him on a walkabout.

Much Love.


Boo is just a little dog with a big heart. Don't blame boo. Blame the fact that Boo has to sometimes ride in a Z5.

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