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Jake is a hottie and those are some smokin' images of him. He finished "Jarhead" which would explain the crewcut, but I likes it.
For your perusal:

Too bad we're not hearing great things about "Brokeback Mountain" but I'd see it, if just to see how jiggy Jake gets with Heath.

That's hilarious about Corey. Is it straight porn or gay porn?


Oh... Garden State rocks.

Morristown represent, YO!


Donnie Darko..see it!


Oh how I want to bury my face in Jake Gyllenhaal's ass. Droolage.

Andy C

good luck exploring the infinite abyss


I see him around West Hollywood all the time. Straight, but much cuter in person.

Tony R

Jake is a total hottie. I really liked him in The Good Girl with Jennifer Anniston. "Attention Retail Rodeo shoppers..."

Paris Hilton

Ollie, I think I'm gonna call you and your friends (Corey, Rocco, Tony, etc) "Yawny Yawn and Yawn Bunch" 'cuz you're all like crazy boring and stuff.

The Sean Show

Dear Oliver,

I'm grateful for the pics of Jake G. I can say his last name, but damn it all if I can't ever spell it.

But I swear to Gawd, I'll gut you like a fish if you ever allude to my future husband as being hot again. He's all mine, faggot!

Kiss noises,


Tony R


go to hell you useless bitch. if you think we're all so boring stop fucking reading all of our blogs.

there, i said it.


Jake was actually here in Calgary while filming Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately I didn't live here at the time so I wasn't able to stalk him. *sigh* online pics will have to do. But, he's great in Donnie Darko. A must see ...


jake's so cute that i almost want to do his sister--maggie.


People have told me I look like him when I have stubble. I concur!

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