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Michael Lucas

(This is just a part of my the comments I posted on my website regarding the whole David Barton Gym scandal).

Hey Guys,

I'm wondering, (like I'm sure manyof you are), is this a self-hating homosexual who wasn't getting any? Or is this a homo-phobic "straight" man who couldn't find any other gym to go
to or simply doesn't have a shower at home?

I've lived in this city for eight years and I've always worked out at a gym near my apartment (wether it's David barton or any other) On the rare occasion that I do visit the "low self-esteem room" I would definitely run into guys who are somewhat "excited" about being in a semi-visible room with other naked men. That never bothered me. It's a sign of healthy living (it's the day I walk into a steam room and no one gets excited is the day I should start worrying...)

Apparently the man in question (and mean that literally) is suing the club for $25,000 siting "emotional distress" after a man was giving him the look in the locker room.
I don't know about you, but that's just absurd. If anything he should be happy that someone was trying to help him out. a hand job or a blow job for that matter is the sincerest form of flattery!

But on a more serious note, what's really upsetting to me is a new trend in the gay community. It seems these days gays are not only buying babies on e-bay, but in a desperate attempt to copy a boring, straight life-style, are also behaving like the worst of straight men, the Christian conservatives,
complaining about a look they got or a blow job they witnessed.

How prissy can you be? Running and complaining like a little school girl about a hard on in the shower...give me a break!
I think this prissy schmuck needs to get a life, and in the process... even get laid. No?


Michael Lucas


I vote for Oliver. Corey has told me too many stories to vote otherwise.


You all did it! What a bunch of whores! ;-)

Here in the south, it is the straight guys that leer and perform sex acts on us gay guys trying to work out at the gym. The men down here are sooooo repressed by their jobs, (gotta gas up that SUV), their church, (sin on Saturday, repent on Sunday), and their butt ugly, fat, helmet haired wives.

I stopped going to the gym, because the older straight guys (40+) were the worst offenders!

Rob C.

Don't get me wrong. I am left-leaning, blue-state living, boyfriend-having avowed homosexual. I don't hate myself. I'm a proud homo. I used to speak publically about being a homo before it was fashionable. Many would say that I was too proud. I don't wish to emulate abstinence pushers or the new Pope.

Having said that, and this is just my opinion, but of all of the gyms I have worked out in in New York, David Barton Chelsea wins the dubious award for "feeling most like a bath house in the locker room."

I personaly don't want to see guys lurking with towels covering their hard-ons looking for a "date." (Don't get me wrong; I'm neither crying about it, nor am I suing for damages for emotional distress.)

There are PLENTY of venues for semi-public sex. The gym, which although it doesn't seem so, is apparently mixed straight and gay. It's disrepectful to all present to violate sensibilities of those around them. Some might say it reinforces the worst stereotypes about gay men that we are somehow unable to control are carnal desires.

Get a phone number or get a room.


Andy! That tongue says it all.


Actually it sounds hot. Sorry I missed out on the fun before everyone got busted. :-)


To Michael Lucas its not about "copying a boring straight lifestyle" its about a standard of behavior. Quit being a whim worshiper. Over indulgence in anything is always a form of selfabuse.


I don't think any of these men leered... though I do see Oliver wetting his lips a lot...

So I have to assume it's Oliver...

Emotional distress... I love that. If he wins... every woman who rides the subway can now sue the MTA.


I joined D.B. Gym about a month ago and the very first week I was there I saw Corie with his intense wandering eyes, staring at me “like a hungry wolf”. I think he is about 6 feet tall, 195 pounds, a little chubby, and of course he wasn’t wearing any underwear – I immediately noticed his anaconda* which was having a nice private party between his legs!

In other words my answer is: Corey – I’ll bet he look great in Daisy Duke short-shorts!


* A humongous monster snake (non-venomous, semi-aquatic) of tropical South America. It can attain lengths from 16.4 to 29.5 feet.

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