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I'll guess Oliver. Just to mess with his head.


i have no fucking idea who it was ... but who is that andy guy ? he is cute as anything and can leer at me anyday.

OH ... did the paper run a pic of the plaintiff ? i have a feeling he wasn't exactly the prom king ... maybe a piece of this is a little bit delusional.

i wonder how much membership will increase over this ... you can't get a preacher curl bench as it is !


I guess that those of us that workout there in the mornings miss out on all the fun.


As for myself, I have seen gay men at several different gyms in Chelsea and I have been just shocked. Shocked, I tell you! Why can't these people stay in their own neighborhoods and leave the rest of us alone? Other than that, I'm voting for Juan.


Am I the only one who thinks that its not cool to have sex in the open at the gym? Its fucking disgusting. It reeks of desperation. I wouldn't blame a straight guy for knocking one of those clowns out.

Andy Towle is adorable.


I would totally say Corey if I didn't know YOU! Juan doesn't even work out and you are totally the one....Besides Corey doesn't "do" Mexicans....Sosa?


A vote for Darrel here. Sosa gave Darrel David Barton Balls. I hear Darrel is seeking damages as well.


Can't really tell if the plaintiff is a hetero or not, but I say get the fuck out of Chelsea if you don't like the homo sexual experience. OR if he's just an uptight homo, then tell him to open his fucking homo eyes and realize that this is the kind of shenanigens that goes on in a mostly desperate gay gym.

And yeah I def think it was all of the above how made the move on this poor schmuck.


There are alot of us who go to the gym to work out, see friends, and yeah, check out the other guys, and that's where I draw the line. But $25,000 for emotional distress? I should sue for 10x that much for dealing with the crowd that's outside Crobar every Sat. night at 4:30am when I leave work.


I'm not judging but Corey did smile seductively when forcing his guest pass on me...

Tony R

See, this would never happen at Equinox.


It was definitely Juan... look at those pervy eyes of his that scream desperation.


I always pictured Oliver going to a down and dirty real gym.
$950.00 membership fee, Bumble & Bumble products...Good Grief. And I thought the Spots Club LA here in Boston was pretentious.


It was all of you hussies! Just kidding.


I couldn't give a rat's ass who it is, I just love that he said "saucy steamroom".


bradford Shellhammer

my vote would be amanda lepore without make-up. she works ot there.


Well, if he is willing to pay a $950 joining fee, he clearly ENJOYS getting fucked. What's the problem?

Juan Penalosa

i vote andy, just 'cause i want it to be true. .


i vote for juan--but i think the guy probably misunderstood his stankeye for leering. you should have heard his "keep the straights out of my ghetto!" rant on last friday--whew! he hot was enough to peal the ralph lauren paint off the locker room walls.


i've worked out at most big gyms in ny at one point or another, from the relatively straight equinox on the uws to the orginal david barton, and let me tell you: i was disturbed by the locker room/shower scene at the new david barton. if those fuckers won't let him out of the contract when he seems to have a legitimate reason, he should sue!


I am not uptight at all, but I get embarrassed when gays are all freaking pervy and doing sex in public/steamrooms. It is COMMON, and is bad manners to boot! Didn't you want to have an ounce of self-esteem when you grew up? Remember the famous conundrum offered by my friend's mom, "Don't give it away-NOBODY wants it!" Think about it. Still Mr. Sosa sounds like a big girl for complaining about the "leering". BOO HOO MARY!


It's gotta be that cutie Andy. The poor boy has his mouth open all the time - just look at the picture! It's always the innocent looking ones' that you least expect, but looking at his "mug shot" I can picture him leeering and drooling over that poor defenseless breeder.


Rocco does not go to this gym?

Juan Penalosa

umm... hellooo. rocco's FAT. of course he doesn't.


he's not fat just big boned

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