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Long Tran

eh, last nite i met paris hilton at the standard hotel in hollywood. she told me my shoes were kick ass and that I was gorgeous.

2 weeks ago i ran into ryan seacrest at a jamba juice dying for an orange berry blast. he offered to get my drink.

perks are all over this country. haha


how could you not know who philip glass is?
maybe zach was right. less surface and more substance.


Nice! Wish I would have gone.


Great story dude. Chuck Close portraits are amazing.


The pianist is Josh Livingston, he is not the composer of the piece.


my bad


Not sure "Rockefeller" and "Crack-head" are necessarily mutually exclusive traits...


I especially savored the part about how long it took before you both spoke to each other. It's not just NYC. In Provincetown, I lived across the street from a guy for six years. We said about six words to each other. Turns out he was Channing Wilroy who had played the butler in Pink Flamingos.

PS: I staid at the Chelsea many years ago. I advise people not to get a room with a street-facing terrace. Some residents will crawl into your windows uninvited. Some naked, some fun, some not.


Actually, the guy with the white dog (there used to be two)'s name is Bruce. And I thought he was a whack job, too. For a really, really, really long time. When I was managing ViewBar, we'd have discussions of the concert and how I should come, and I'd just nod.

It's nice to know he's not crazy...


That is way cool. In my neighborhood it's almost always crackheads with an occasional Clinton. Oh the SoHar.

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