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Aren't big, burly, bearded guys this year's Clones?

Dudes, move on to the moustache -- if you're man enough.


Ah, Oliver. See it from my perspective. Having sported a full beard for 40 years, I rather enjoy being hip for a few months ever decade or so.


Bitter housemates are always the worst, He is probably jealous of you STILL for the guys you hooked up with out on F.I. While the bitch was in his room all alone with a dildo up his ass....PLUS...Beards are hot... aslong as Corey doesn't have one...


Wow ...

"It's a very subversive and strong look. It's like a new punk. I don't think you can really have a job with one ..."

Now that someone has said this in the New York Times, the beard is dead to me. Where my razor is at.


Agreed, the article was "Meh!". But, it did introduce me to the oh-so-hot Babydaddy and in searching for info on him, to your blog.

God can use all things for good.


GO BEARDS! ....wooo!

 ADD Dad

GO BEARDS! BEAT THE CLEAN SHAVENS! GO BEARDS! (I'm not that into sports, but i love yelling cheers. What is the score anyways?)

 ADD Dad

btw - no one should channel Rocco. Rocco does enough of that himself.


so Rocco made Corey shave his beard?


hey according to the FBI spokesman over at AHARDNUT - Rocco is being prodded in a lab by some Swedish dudes!


I'm going to be so non comformist about my beard that I am going to non conform to people now non conforming about beards being in. So that NY Times Bitch just got Goth Served.


Does this mean I have to change my blog name, my email name, and a million other things?


Hey I have a beard AND a jobby-job!

Screw the Times!


How funny, I started with a moustache for over 10 years and eventually EVOLVED my way to a full luscious sexy beard. I love it and it ain't going away anytime soon.

The Bearded Babe

jeez you'd think the rest of the world would have woken up years ago. Look, he even mentions "bears" in the seventh paragraph (oh my). And what's all this CRAP about grooming? Does this mean we'll be seeing more "beard-care-products" that fashion conscious guys can throw their money away on? And how long before this "fad" dies out so my beard can be considered passe? Can't wait for that to happen.

Tony R

While I understand where you are coming from, O, I do agree that beards are a major "trend." And by trend, I'm not referring to what the NYTimes is. In the bear world, beards are the badge of membership. The same way once could argue six pack abs or a smooth chest are to the circuit world. It is all group think mentality.


Wow Oliver.. The Fur is really flying on your Post Today!!

Look at all these hairy comments!!
I guess that NYT story really got every furball's backhair up!!

Well.. I love the beards..even if you are just another Bobby Trendy!

See you tonight at SNAXX (aka..The Fire Trap)??


The guy who made the comment about beards being the new punk is a complete moron. People who utter phrases that go "_____ is the new _______ " should just be put before a firing squad. Gross.



A smile is more beautful with sexy beard


Not to be rude or fringe-like in my opinion...BUT aren't you the same guy who lives in Chelsea, walks your pure breed dog (who is quite adorable),enjoys clothes shopping and expensive jeans, drives a Range Rover around the block and feels all macho doing so, hangs out at the oh-so secret SNAXXX, summers on Fire Island and ran out and bought that new gadgety-gadget two weeks ago which you have already gotten bored with? I believe that YOU ARE TRENDY already! Rather the most TRENDIEST BLOGGER I EVER READ even! Growing a beard isn't exactly piercing your nose or becoming a lacto-ovo vegan. It's just hair on your face that grows automatically unless you cut it!


Yeah, the last time I was in NYC every fag had a beard and thought they were keepin' it "anti-pretty" and nothing could be more forced. Sorry guys, but my dad (and I do mean my biological paternas) has a beard and it's not some desperate mask of masculinity.

Queen Latifah

how dare that NY times queen take on something as sacred as the beard! Oliver, get a life.


I just thought it was funny that I let the goatee grow into a beard a month or so ago (because one morning I thought, "Hey, I'm not gonna shave!") and suddenly I'm hip. Who'd have thought. Tell me you guys are kidding that anyone is going to shave off their beard over this. Talk about fashion victims...


Look, the fact is -- it's a club. That club uses the same cues as every other queer "social" club; They have circuit parties, hang out in bars together, and develop friendships with exclusivity.

There are three types of bearded homos:

1. The faggy queen who thinks, "If I grow a beard and get huge muscles, people wont think of me as so faggy. I'll show them!"

2. The highschool outsiders, "I'm a fat guy who everyone exluded in highschool! Now I have a club to belong to! Let me get all the accessories and attend every meeting!"

3. Dudes who literally aren't aware of the bear thing.

I mean, this site is a prime example! The entire subject of eveverything here revolves around a pre-text of sex and attraction. It's kind of a weird place to be.

A friend of mine said to me once, "I just assume everyone with a beard is a homo, so I just cruise them all."


I forgot one of the major virtues of beards: They're an ugly-cover. Guys afflicted with bad skin, pock-marks, asymmetrical features, etc. can grow a beard and instantly become hot guys. Ugly dudes: Grow beards! You'll attain instant sex appeal.

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