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I'd like to say that when I saw the straight guys on the street sporting beards it was time for me to shave. Unfortunately it was actually when I realized the straight guys on the block with beards looked better than me that I had to shave my beard off. I can't fit into any gay stereotype anymore!


Cool Choice for Bear of the Week!!

But, What do you mean? "Too much Parties and Boys..and not enough Art" Do you really think Blogs and the Web are useful for something else??? Yiesh!


Okay, so I'm at this opening last Friday and I keep looking over at this fella, because, you know, he's got face fur.

But there was something more than that... he looked _familiar_ and I couldn't put my finger on it.

Then it dawned on me. He was heterosexual bear of the week.

Now why oh why couldn't I run into one of the _gay_ ones.

Anywho. Sorry I didn't make it to your gallery on Sat, but I can say that Shockheaded Peter is a good show. Just not the best for a matinee on a weekend... Too many kids.

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