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Dear O: Not that ya don't "deserve" those few dollars of support of nothing -- but if I told ya the amounts of them "whoppers" of checks I had to write this month-- over an on top them regular monthly bills -- Why you might "FAINT." Unfortunately, it's been a Bodaciously Expensive February shashaying right into a Maximum Expensive March for me and my fam. Sorry for them bears'o'your heart's desires...but fam comes first. Cheers. %-)


As stated in my morning conversation: "I don't HAVE any journalistic integrity. NONE! This isn't journalism. I've never stated that I have any integrity, journalistic or otherwise, on this blog! It's about my bills for the blog and you need to do your part for the community at large! Clear and simple. Now pay up!"

How could I NOT give something?

juan penalosa

oh goodie. i love big willie style as bear of the week.


I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.

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