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instead of paying a proprietary service like typepad $8 a month for low bandwidth and meager storage, why not simply move to your own server where you can get so much more? there are tons out there. the plan i use with my host costs $9.95 a month with 2gb of storage and 20 gigabites of bandwith a month which would be near (near) impossible to go over. i host my own blog plus a gallery and a friend's blog plus another domain i use for business & family and i've no where near used up anything.

dont' take it personally but $8 a month for what you get out of typepad is a rip off.


Congrats on the PSP.
Did you and your sis buy the same games so that you can play against/with each other wirelessly?
It totally kicks. Wipeout Pure, Twisted Metal, Untold Legends... oops... my geek is showing.


I would never fire Corey! However, Corey is Krypto's godfather so if Krypto loses then both Corey and I will suffer major myocardial infarctions and die, cause that's what Jews do when they are disappointed. So if you don't want us to have heart attacks, you know what you have to do! Vote for Krypto!

me Give me your PSP and I'll give you a dollar. Otherwise..suck it!


Why can't I meet a gay man in Philly who wants to play with my PSP too? ::sigh::


Ok, look, you're a rich Jew hondling for a few sheckels just because. And on Purim! Oy. Does your mother know? Nonetheless, you did vote for Krypto so I'm off to Paypal. Of course, the money I give you will mean that I won't be able to afford the upgrade I was planning for my own blog so that I can increase my bandwidth (I have no fucking idea what that is, but typepad is telling me that I'm at 160% capacity and that they will soon be coming to get me!)


I just linked to Paypal and it wouldn't work. Please fix so I can make a donation.


700 Daily Readers?? Yikes!! Are there really that many people who have nothing better to do?? LOL!
Or is that just the standard inflated art dealer hussy on-line talk, like, 9", "Hard Muscle" or "Bought by an Important NY Collector" ??


whaa-whaaaaaa-whaaaaa - looks like somebody needs to call the whaaaaaambulance.


Thanks for the ironic post! I'm a big fan of irony- always give me a chuckle.

Oh and by the way, Blogger is free.


Ya know, I oouldnt remember why, when you and I were boyfriends, I dropped you like first period French but seeing your sad attempts at garnering cash money donations from the credulous rubes who read your drivel it all comes back to me now.

Love ya Pookie


I have officially purchased three days of Oliver's blog in honor of Krypto, who is sadly being defeated by a poser and a cheater in the gay dog of the week competition. Hampton, like Bush, has mounted an anti-gay campaign, driving fundamentalist breeders to the poll to defeat a legitimate homo canus and put a heterosexual breeding bitch of a rather ordinary breed on the gay dog throne.


Excuse me, I meant, three months, not three days!


Excuse me, I meant, three months, not three days!


i'm with the guy who says you're paying too much. I pay 10/month using DREAMHOST, 140gb of bandwidth a month, etc, etc, etc. Make the switch, use the referral link over at JOKOHOMO so he makes a few bucks, and everyone is happy(er)


All right I did it. I would click on on the links for 15 minutes straight. The guilt has been killing however I won't use paypal so lets work something out.


I don't care WHO you use for your blog! 8 bucks a month for ANYTHING IS CHEAP!! Spare change even in the small picture of things, especially for a flashy libertine as yourself! Materialism at your age though, is very troubling. Not to be pointed, but it is COMMON. THINGS CAN'T bring you pleasure pal. Isn't it sort of gross to "assume the position" for Corporate America and rush out as pre-programmed to buy some crap you don't even know what it is? OY VEY! See if there's a port in it to install A SOUL!
Yer Gentle Reader,

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