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Such a FarStucker....

Tony R

This is twisted. You're sliding into a level of absurdity I thought only I was capable of (well, and Corey). I of course love you for it.

Kevin F.

I have to admit that I thought the endless hype and build-up, while par for the course for surprise celebrity interviews, was setting you up for a fall. But you came through very nicely on this one, Oliver. Five out of five paws, and a special extra credit paw for the bed-n-porridge line of questioning.

Andy C

So is he single? Now that I'm done with journalist celebrity bear I'm ready for rock star celebrity bear...much more fun!


I thought Babydaddy was hot before, but reading "He’s great fun to text message with" made me weak in the knees!


OK, now I feel stupid. Never having seen "Babydaddy" without his hat on, I never realized that he is the guy that I used to chat with at The Dugout and Eagle. And now I'm remembering that we used to chat about MUSIC.

Double duh on me.


God he is hot.


Yup, he's foxy as hell.


Don't it make an Otter's mouth water?


yeah, hawt...


oh my god, he is fucking adorable.

definition: hottie

man i wanna hibernate with that!


Ok, I'm not generally into bears, but I'm definitely into this guy. First time I've seen him without the hat and man is he studly.


Great article man. Nice to see a bit of insite into one of the band members. All I knew about them up until now is that their stuff is fun, people are flocking to their concerts in droves, and there's no chance in hell they're ever coming to Winnipeg.

Tyler Green

Shucks, and I was all ready to read about Adam Weinberg.


Scott is mad cool (much love!), but getting a straight workout partner is even better. I'm gonna work on that. Keep em' guessing!

Alan In Vermont

He just couldn't be hotter. Please move to Vermont, Babbydaddy.

Frickin' A.


Scott get's his hats custom made up in Harlem - he's just too cool! Wonder if he still has the draedl I give him two channukahs ago! Love ya Scott!


where are the fuckin pics!!!


I need to know more about him!


Scissor siters are great and their videos are shown here in Brazil. Althought the cds are on a different version that not includes songs such as "electrobix".

I confess: Babby daddy was the first person I paid attention when I saw SS picture with the whole group.

"You gotta pump your body!"


keep your hands off him guys, babydaddy is MINE :) im his biggest fan.


i had the pleasure of standin directly at babydaddys feet when he played here in melbourne. with the spot lighting him from behind all i can say is wow!
next time i want to be at his feet in private!


Just found the band this weekend.... BabyDaddy needs to shed some clothes...


Have you seen the Sister's DVD? There is a scene where Babydaddy is in bed and shirtless. That scene is so hot!!! Babydaddy is so sexy. His chest is absolutely fabulous.



We'd make a sexy couple! Email me. [email protected]

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