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Kevin F.

Oliver, I've met Mark on several occasions and he is indeed a sweetheart and, although I've never seen him with his Chihuahua, I'm fully prepared to believe he can make it seem butch. The only guy I've personally ever seen pull that particular stunt off, Joe B., is a good friend of his, as you know, so maybe they practice butch-Chihuahua techniques together. That would be a sight to see! (I'm currently suffering in the throes of a deep infatuation with Harley, Joe's l'il canine buddy.)

So hey there, Mark, hope all is well. Had a great time with you and Joe at that lunch over Thanksgiving. Still praying to water; no appreciable changes.

And by the way, Oliver, I do read your blog (although I'm not sure what number I am)and, in case Joe didn't tell you (like he promised he would), I read it before the now infamous Andrew link was posted.


hey you ... i voted for boo on the other blog but i don't think it took ...

when are we having breakfast ... we need some q.t. on the l.d.



I inquired about Corey the day you posted that but you said I was disqualified for having a boyfriend. Excuse me for not knowing where the morality starts and stops on this blog.


i can add my dog to the cute dogs list but i must confess that my germanic heritage left me with little fur ... a blond hairless bair perhaps?


Mark is a definitely a catch and oh, so much more.....


Anyone who loves and can tolerate a chihuahua is ok by me.


Whole Lotta Loooooooooooooooooooove - love the t-shirt (too)


Not as cute as the blog writer- woof!

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